Tips on Planning Your Remodel

Draw Your Dream: Whether you use a cocktail napkin or a fancy computer program, giving us a rough sketch of your project will help us help you. If you like you can use this free online basic floor plan drawing utility will help assist the visualization of your remodel. You can even save your plan by quickly opening a free account. When we meet, please have your drawings available. Don't worry if you don't have any drawings however, we can help craft a design to best suit your needs and wants.


Samples: Chances are your project is inspired by something you saw at a friend's home, in a magazine, online, on TV or elsewhere. Identifying and collecting samples of the styles that interest you; including architectural stylings, fixtures, millwork, surface types and colors will help get your project started on the right path. Visit our online portfolio for samples of projects that we have completed.


Resale Value: While remodeling your space can give you personal satisfaction, if your sole concern is the bottom line of resale value, make certain your neighborhood's price point will compliment the work you have done. A large addition to your home may give you years of great use, however if your homes near you are dwarfed by your home, you may not get the full benefit of your dollars spent. We can help guide you to a remodel that is within your taste but not out of touch.


Budget: Determining your budget is instrumental in a successful remodel. If you have your eyes on gold plated toilets but don't have enough for sheetrock, there is bound to be a snag in your project. Figure out how much you have to work with. 


Contracts: Whether a simple job or a complex remodel, misunderstandings can lead to dissatisfaction. Once the scope of the job is determined, we will not begin work without a comprehensive written contract in which all parties agree to the work to be done, materials used and the timeline.


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